From the sea, to the lakes, to the mountains. Enjoy the sunset on the famous coast of trabocchi in the small town of Termoli. Relax on the lake of Castel San Vincenzo, a real oasis of tranquility on the slopes of Mainarde. Lose yourself in the green and venture into the Matese Regional Park, Colle di Mezzo and Colle Meluccio. For the little ones there is also an exceptional Zoo, that of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise.

1st-2nd Day:

  • Accommodation at “Casale De ‘Farrocco”, Rocchetta al Volturno (IS),
  • 2 days undeserved relax in the green, hiking, canoeing and good food.

3rd Day:

  • Ecological walk in the nature reserve of Monte di Mezzo, Vastogirardi (IS)
  • Accommodation in apartment, San Salvo Marina (CH)

4th-5th Day:

  • Visit to the Swabian castle and the historical center of Termoli.
  • Visit of the historical center of Vasto (CH)
  • Nature Reserve of Punta Aderci, Vasto (CH) and the entire coast of trabocchi

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